Lolita wishlist

I am making this as my lolita fashion wishlist.

1.  Metamorphose Gingham Cherry- in blue- purse
2.  Metamorphose Gingham Cherry-in blue- hat, headbow
3.  Metamorphose Gingham Cherry-in black- purse
4.  Metamorphose Soda Punch- in mint- purse, socks
5. Metamorphose Soda Punch- in black- purse
6. BTSSB Fully shirred Gingham JSK's
7. BTSSB Fully shirred Princess JSK in all black or black/white


Dear Meta Fruit Punch Series,

Why you so elusive to me? Am I an unworthy Loli to wear your fruity goodness? I first watch and wait to long to order you. Then I don't have the extra funds to purchase your lucky pack. Then Closet Child sells you out from under me. And now Meta themselves have one left and you are damaged. Have I offended the Loli gods to make me unworthy? Maybe one day you will be mine in either black or my dream color of mint with all the matching accessories and not costing me several body parts to acquire.

LOL. Just needed to vent that after I woke up to my email from Meta. I really think this series is cursed to me.

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Dear Santa for Lolita's:

I have been a good fluffy girl this year.  I just found this beautiful new print from MAM Maxicimam and need it in my life.  I really like this black version but the red one is quite lovely as well.  

It isn't quite a replacement for the Meta Oranament Print or any of the Winged Cross Print but is just as pretty to me.
Thank you Santa.

Shopping and Crafting is what I did

I was busy to an extent this weekend.  Over the past week I have been taking some of my jewelry supplies with me to work and stringing beads on my lunch hour.  Saturday, the NC loli's had a meetup at the IKEA in Charlotte.  I had fun. I finally decided what I would wear.  I ended up wearing my Meta Royal Emblem skirt I have tried to sell. I thought I would try it one more time.  I tried it with burgundy and brown and cream this time.  I thought it turned out ok.  I was going for something a bit Classic and comfortable.   I sadly did not take any pictures of my outfit.  I had not been to the IKEA down here and it has been several years since I have been to the ones around Washington/Baltimore.  I went looking for a new cabinet for the dolls and I think I found one. Of course the one I want is out of stock at the moment but that is fine.  I will keep an eye out for it.  I did get a cute little animal nightlight that is just too funny and a shelf to try in my bedroom.  After IKEA we hung out at Amalie's and I had this wonderful dessert with strawberries.  I remember it is what I got the last time I went there.  On my way home I stopped of at Kirkland's at Concord Mills and picked up 2 jewelry trees they had on sale to use as displays and then finished up the day at AC Moore where I found a couple more cute pendants and a pack of sax blue glass beads.  Of course all day long we got funny looks from people.  But I think the best remark was from a lady I ran into at AC Moore.  She saw me come around the end of the aisle and I heard " Well you look like one of those Marie Osmond dolls." I just smiled at her and she was like "Do you know what a Marie Osmond doll is?" So of course I answered yes I do (I have one that I stole the outfit off for one of my dolls).  That was just the strangest compliment.  

So today I continued to work on jewelry for AWA.  I made a couple of necklaces, 2 bracelets and some earrings.  I have 2 crosses that I am working on that I plan to do inspired by  Moite.  They are blue and gold and the other one is blue and silver.  I also have several cameos I am working on plus my bird/nature themed pendants to do.    I have more bracelets to work on as well and need to get some ring blanks for the bear rings.

Now to bed. 

More kittens?

And apparently there are 2 new stray kittens on my road. They are next door on a relatives property. They are from one of Blackie's other kittens that we only saw twice and didn't even know that it had survived.

I swear we have the population of black cats. These are the 8th and 9th ones. These are so small they haven't opened their eyes yet.

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Oh my

Dear Baby the Stars Shine Bright,

How dare you have a half off sale the week I am heading to Otakon. This is so unfair because there are several items I would like to purchase from you and am unable to because I need my money for this upcoming weekend. There is a lovely jumperskirt and headbow set, a one piece, purses and headbow. Argh!!! Please have another sale when I am not so strapped for cash.

Thank you.

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