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sakura_oki's Journal

Ok i have been here a while and i am not quite sure what to post but here goes: This journal is a mixture of things: personal rants, cosplay pics and my dollie stuff. Some of which is under a friends lock due to the personal nature of the rants but the cosplay and dollies may be open. A little about myself: I am a long time anime fan (too many years to count but i consider myself an old otaku). Currently we go to 2 anime conventions: Animazement and Otakon. We would also like to someday make the big trip to Japan. Must go to Shibuya and Akihiabara, and Harajuku of course. It is still a dream. Currently i have 13 asian ball jointed dolls(yes I said 13 of them): Saya and Reina are both Customhouse Ai Sia's, Kaname is a Customhouse Ai Siwon, Victoria (Customhouse Ai Cebee), a Delf BW Dreaming Elf Chiwoo Vampire hybrid named Shiro, a Kid Delf Woori boy named Riley, a Kid Delf BW Woori girl hybrid named Cecilia, an Angel Fantasy Koli named Sugar, a Cherishdoll Chubby boy named Toby and a Cherishdoll Jodie girl named Clover and most recently a very special VOLKS YO-SD Kira, Customhouse Ange Ai girl Uri and a VOLKS BW SD Kira. I still would like a few more (DOD Ducan Homme, & a DOD Tender E-An) I also have a growing fascination with Elegant Gothic Lolita. I am still fairly new to the style and have definately made my mistakes but i so love it. I never thought i would try to dress in ruffly dresses again. So far Meta is my favorite but i also really like Baby and Alice & the Pirates. I tend to like the Gothic side best (black being my favorite color) but I also am leaning in the Sweet direction with quite a bit of pink and my Country Sweet outfits I have put together
Other than all this i play softball for my company team. I like to bowl in the fall/winter and occasionally like to do little crafts either for myself or my dolls.